About DGT-OmegaT and associated tools

Welcome to the DGT-OmegaT project, a fork of OmegaT, developed by the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission.

The aim of this project is not to build a new community that "competes" with the team maintaining the original OmegaT. We publish our code to allow anyone to look at the features we built for our own needs, and leave it up to OmegaT community to decide whether some of them can be reused. We do not intend to encourage users to switch to our version of OmegaT, but to test it and give us feedback, and eventually ask the OmegaT's core team to think about possibility of integration of some of our features.

DGT-OmegaT is published as-is, without express or implied warranties, and comes without support. The contact page and the comments facility in the website are there to enable a discussion about the actual features, not to make feature requests. If you see a bug, please report it using the issues tracker but we do not guarantee that eventual problems will be solved.


Teambase is an alternative way to share work in real time between translators, using a SQL database as in intermediate. The main advantage compared to using Git or Subversion is that there is no latency: each segment validated by you is immediately available to all users connected to the same database; they do not have to wait for the next time you save, automatically or not.

Binary version of DGT-OmegaT contains the plugin to work as client part. For the server part, you can either try to install it yourself, or, if too complicated, rent a server already installed. In any case, have before a look to our tutorials.


More often than not Office DOCX documents have (many) useless tags.

DGT developed in-house the Tagwipe application which removes all/most redundant tags from DOCX documents. It also improves segmentation by segment.


The DGT-OmegaT Wizard is the project management application developed by DGT to integrate DGT‑OmegaT in its workflow.



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