Specific features

Here is the list of features added in DGT-OmegaT. The list is more or less ordered from the simplest to more complex feature. Each page is open for comments (note: you do not require connection to make comments), so you can let us know what you think of this feature, whether you find it useful or not and if it should be added to OmegaT 6...

In this page we suppose that you already know OmegaT, we detail only the differences. Currently all published versions of DGT-OmegaT are based on OmegaT "stable" version 3.6, and try to follow their updates. In any case, always compare with OmegaT 3.6, not with 4.3, 5.x or 6.x!

Symbols associated with each feature indicates how it integrates to OmegaT. List if symbols is here. Brackets indicate that only a part of the feature is concerned by the icon (you will find again the same icon without brackets somewhere in the linked page).