Note about the download site: Some people encounters problems to access the downloads, their browser sounds like going in an infinite loop. This is probably due to the fact that some proxies forbid access to an URL having no domain name but a port number. If this arrives in your working place, where often the IT service adds such a proxy, simply try at home, it should work. We are working currently to find a better solution.


For infos about older versions, click here.

Now all versions are based on OmegaT 3.6.0 update 10; they require Java 8 only (may work with later versions but probably with adaptations, not yet tested).


This version is used in production inside DGT since March 2020. It now receives only corrections of bugs.

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DGT-3.4 (TEST)

This version adds a few features from release 3.5 (DEV) which are considered as stable enough to be tested by users.

Download source --- Download binary

DGT-3.5 (DEV)

This version is continuation of old 3.4 branch, including features which have not been put to TEST.

This is a recent development, not widely tested, so it should be considered as a beta version for the moment.

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Package contents

Source packages contain exactly the same as in the standard OmegaT version: all what is necessary to build the core application with your favorite Java compiler or environment, including dependencies but not the plugins nor configuration files nor the Java compiler.

Binary packages contain a clone of the application as used internally, including plugins and configuration files. However, it is platform-independant zip file, for that reason it does not include interpreters such as the JRE.