Alert: in some recent platforms, previously it happened that when you click on launcher (OmegaT.bat or OmegaT shell script) it displayed usual logging messages but does not start the user interface (or takes very long time before displaying it). Not all platforms are converned. If it occurs to you, download the last version, which corrects the problem; alternatively, you can also  remove the file plugins/dgt-plugins.jar: you will loose some features but the essential of the application will work. Now the plugin has been corrected and all downloads will include the correct version.


For infos about older versions, click here.

Now all versions are based on OmegaT 3.6.0 update 10; they require Java 8 only (may work with later versions but probably with adaptations, not yet tested).


This version is used in production inside DGT since March 2020. It now receives only corrections of bugs.

Download source --- Download binary

DGT-3.4 (TEST)

This version adds some features which are considered as stable enough to be tested by users, but not enough tested to be put in production.

Download source --- Download binary

Comparison with 3.3 (STABLE)

DGT-3.5 (DEV)

This version is continuation of old 3.4 branch, including features which have not been put to TEST.

This is a recent development, not widely tested, so it should be considered as a beta version for the moment.

Download source --- Download binary

Comparison with 3.4 (TEST)

Package contents

Source packages contain exactly the same as in the standard OmegaT version: all what is necessary to build the core application with your favorite Java compiler or environment, including dependencies but not the plugins nor configuration files nor the Java compiler.

Binary packages contain a clone of the application as used internally, including plugins and configuration files. However, it is platform-independant zip file, for that reason it does not include interpreters such as the JRE.